Spring 2012

Title Sponsors:

San Francisco Grants for the Arts

Keon Family Fund/Lumpkin Foundation

Fleishhacker Foundation

Matching Grants:

Barclays Global Investors

Boeing Corporation

Chevron Humankind

Value Act 

Platinum Sponsors:  

Cheryl and Greg Blaine

Gold Sponsors:

The Bennington Family

The Gardner Family

The Goldblatt Family

The Pollack-Hurst Family

Silver Sponsors:

The Bach Family 

The Madhavan Family 

The Goldman Family

The Kleier Family

The Lusk Family

The Gasser-Unger Family



Presidio Performing Arts Foundation is pleased to welcome COMCAST as our 2012media sponsor.


    Please watch Sherene Melania, Artistic Director on COMCAST  

            Raising the Barre - Capital Campaign



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