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The SCHOOL OF PRESIDIO DANCE THEATRE: Winners of Nickelodeon TV's Parents Picks National Award for two years running: Best Artsy Program & Best Dance Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Presidio Dance Theatre (PDT) brings the world of dance to students of every age group. With a base adapted from Russian Classical Ballet, drawing from a variety of international cultures and folk traditions shared from generation to generation, PDT classes emphasize artistry, elegance, precision and versatility. Students are taught proper posture, balance, expressiveness and a variety of basic motor skills. Students gain kinesthetic awareness, rhythm, and an appreciation for classical and international music and diverse cultures. Dance students improve concentration, ability to focus, while expanding their imagination and creativity. The classes are exciting, lively, and highly educational in content.

The School of Presidio Dance Theatre offers a unique, one-of-a-kind, award-winning program. Students representing more than 65 different citywide academic schools come together to train and perform a ballet-based multi-national repertoire of dances. The School provides enrichment, education, outreach and enjoyment through presentation, production and creation of performing arts activities. We strive for excellence in education practices and performance.

Students may select from a variety of dance disciplines which spark their personal interest. The end of the school year culminates with the Presidio Dance Theatre Spring Season Recital, held annually at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater. The School also offers seasonal Workshops with internationally renowned choreographers and theatre professionals, as well as ballet & international folk dance specialty Summer Camps.


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