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Presidio Performing Arts Center

386 Moraga at Arguello, Presidio Main Post
Main Post, Presidio of San Francisco 

Presidio Performing Arts Center (PPAC) preserves, enhances and presents dance, music,and theatre traditions in their historical context, increasing the public’s knowledge and appreciation of peoples and art forms from across the globe. By celebrating a multiplicity of artistic traditions, PPAC nurtures community vitality, and in sharing the collective wisdom of worldwide cultures,promotes compassion for humanity.  

Founded in 1998 (as Presidio Performing Arts Foundation), PPAC is one of the earliest residents of San Francisco’s Presidio, an urban National Park serving millions of visitors year round. PPAC is an educational partner of the National Park Service.  In 2011, PPAC relocated within the Presidio to the historic Main Post, boasting expansive views of the San Francisco Bay, flanked by national forest and urban wilderness, making it the ideal artists’ oasis, a spectacular venue for adults, children and families to participate in the arts. 

PPAC has not only established a permanent home in one of the most beautiful parks in the country, but has recognized the substantial opportunity to deepen its community impact by inviting numerous artists and cultural organizations to partner and bring about broader collaborative programming. These associations are integral to the PPAC family, as they provide support for a rich variety of high-quality arts experiences, innovative opportunities and important education resources for the community.

PPAC is the inclusive cultural hub for artists, arts students and arts enthusiasts.  We invite you to join us at the nexus of culture and community, where ethnic traditions cross-pollinate for an authentic American experience.







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